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NERVOUS PATTERNS / RIVER CITY TANLINES 7" (Secret Record Society Edition)

NERVOUS PATTERNS / RIVER CITY TANLINES 7" (Secret Record Society Edition)
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Price: 20.00€
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Model: RLR100SRS
Manufacturer: RED LOUNGE

This one is available as SECRET RECORD SOCIETY Edition exclusively here!!!! This is the first time ever we are offering an SRS Edition to the Public. We are very proud of this one... not only musically but also of the whole package! Look at the pics!!! The cover is a Golden Age Comic Size folder that includes the Lyrics. The Front Cover has to 2 extra features...



Shine the light on Alicja glow-in-the-dark!!! The left side of the art work features the amazing Alicja Trout. Lost Sounds, Nervous Patterns, River City Tanlines, Clears, Mouserocket... do I need to say more???? A glowing tribute to Memphis reigning Queen of the Flying V!!!!

The Strike a Match for Jay feature: When tragedy sometimes have to strike back! We sincerely believe our Generation was robbed of one of it's minds!! This is our little tribute...
Jay is printed of matchbook strike side material! you can strike any match on him! SEE PICTURES!!

Here is your chance to proove you are Secret Record Society a record, keep a record and since it will be yours forever..don't be afraid to destroy the mintness of your cover!! Don't be a MINT NAZI!!! What you see above on the right is my personal me silly, I am all for it!! Other Features:

- Personalized Copies!! Be sure to mention the Name you want on here!!!
- Secret Record Society Special Vinyl: While the other variations have a regular label and a big center hole this record has a different color ,a small center hole and one sided Special SRS Label for maximum sexiness!!!

ONE PER CUSTOMER, other orders will be canceled as my program won't allow me to send parcial refunds! Resellers discurraged! have you ever seen an SRS Edition for sale?? No? Good, you know just why!! No Spits, no GG King, No Hex Dispensers , No Kidda Band...none that I am aware off!! We are proud to have a club of collectors and music lovers that once money gets tight rather not eat or work any old mac job then sell a 2 month old record with some lame excuses on ebay!!

This all said...we hope you are as excited about this release as we are!!!!!  Production Cost almost killed us so don't complaint!!  Check out our shop for plenty more cool stuff...


Normal info about this:

Welcome to Red Lounge Records Number 100!



Nervous Patterns / River City Tanlines 7" - Most Blood Edition!

Nervous Patterns "Du kannst dich niemals aendern"
River City Tanlines "Energy drink und der lange weg nach Hause!!!"


As you can see this is part of our AMERICAN DEUTSCH PUNK SERIES! After the SPITS, OVERNIGHT LOWS, STRANGE ATTRACTOR  now it is time for this!! When we told you we would be releasing some of the BEST DEUTSCH PUNK RECORDS EVER we didn't lie..or did we?? NR 100 will be a german version of the Nervous Patterns Masterpiece "You Can't Change" entitled "Du Kannst Dich Niemal Aendern". Little did we know when we approcached Alicja that she still had the original Mastertrack... we thought all masters where lost in the aweful computercrash Jay had... Good chance this might just be the last new Nervous Patterns release ever... I had been talking to Jay Reatard about an Red Lounge Release of some sorts when the unthinkable happened, and I was propably the only european but definetly the only german at his funeral... I say this with sincere pride that even death couln't keep Jay from making a record on Red Lounge! I love this song and I couldn't be happier with the german version Alicja presented me!!! Matt Melton was kind enough to provide us with the only existing alternate shot from the BLOOD VISIONS session, and we used it on our limited editions, only available thru Red Lounge directly.

The B Side is the River City Tanlines doing a Lost Sounds fave of ours... "Energydrink and the long walk home" now entitled "Energydrink Und Der Lange Weg Nachhause". Same here... a total winner!!!

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