About Us

RED LOUNGE RECORDS is an independent record label based in Karlsruhe, Germany. Always remember that we do this here not on a professional basis. Some orders might take longer than a usual shopping trip on amazon and/or iTunes, BUT here you are dealing with folks dedicated to music and records, not just profit.

Out of stock items
What if something is out of stock?  Do you do backorder? We will ship what's in-stock from your order and refund you the difference.  We don't actually do back-order, so if something is listed as out-of-stock on your invoice, you'd need to re-order it. If you'd like to be notifed if something is out of stock PRIOR to shipping, please mention so in the "Order Comments" field.

Pre-orders will ship the week before street date, and generally arrive by or before the street date.  Street dates are visible on the item page, and if your pre-order hasn't arrived by the date you'd expected, it's worth double-checking the item page as all street dates are subject to change.
We'll ship your full order out when the pre-order is available to ship.  If you'd like for us to ship what's available immediately, e-mail order (at) midheaven (dot) com and we can make the proper arrangements.

Digital Distribution
We hate it, so we don't even think about doing it.